How we began

You Matter (YM) is an NHS Staff Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub. We work with individuals and teams to provide a confidential space where you can start to explore what you can do to help improve your wellbeing.

For individuals, we offer a confidential conversation, mental health assessment, triage, signposting and facilitated referral for all staff employed in Health and Social Care in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. For teams we offer one or more sessions that can help the team focus on looking after themselves and each other.

The YM service is hosted by Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, on behalf of the BOB ICS. A second Hub, Wellbeing Matters provides services for West Berkshire.



The effects of a global Covid-19 pandemic

The pandemic has seen a rapid growth in wellbeing services and resources provided within local organisations as well as nationally. We will continue to work collaboratively with these across the BOB region, ensuring the right personal support is there when needed, for all staff members. However, the challenges of work related to surges and winter pressures may make it more difficult for staff to find the time to seek help.

Alongside the anxiety and distress which are a normal reaction to public health crises on this scale, living with uncertainty is now a big issue – will we ever get back to normal and what will the new normal look like for us at work or at home? You Matter understands these concerns and is able to work with you individually or as a team around this.

Working together as part of the BOB ICS

You Matter is a partnership between Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust and Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire West Integrated Care System (BOB).

To raise concerns about the You Matter service, please contact our Complaints & Patient Advice and Liaison Service.

For information about our confidentiality processes and how to access your You Matter health record please read the attached leaflets:

Non-urgent advice: What makes us unique?

Launched in early 2021, our service was established as part of a national initiative set up by NHS England​. The aim is to provide health and social care colleagues with rapid access to assessment and local evidence-based mental health services and support where needed. Aligned to national objectives, You Matter is confidential and free of charge for all health and social care staff.

It is open to all health and social care staff, from all services and settings regardless of whether you are dealing directly with COVID-19 patients or not. You can self-refer or refer a colleague (with their consent). You Matter is:

  • Independent of IAPT.
  • Totally confidential.
  • Independent of you GPs and employer.

The YM team

Our team is made up of psychotherapists and psychologists, with a range of training and Mental Health professionals, all supported by administrators and operational managers. Our Clinical Service Lead is Debbie Clarke, Consultant Clinical Psychologist.

We are here to listen and help you find the tools and services you or your team need to support you with the issues you are facing.

A word from our Clinical Lead:

“The first thing to say is that You Matter is for everyone. If you think at any time that you need some support or someone to talk to, go ahead and pick up the phone or go online.

“There’s no threshold and you don’t need to worry about whether there might be someone else who needs help more than you – we have the capacity and are here to listen.”


You Matter Stakeholder Newsletter

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You Matter Marketing Materials:

Alongside NHSE we have developed a suite of posters suitable across all the sectors we work within. Feel free to browse below, select ones that are suitable for your team or area then print and display in relevant staff areas (following any infection prevention rules in place within your organisation).

Officer worker


Critical Care Nurse


Nurse in PPE

You Matter Infographic


If you would like to promote You Matter within your team, please email and we can send you some marketing materials including pens, mugs, post it notes and leaflets.

Page last reviewed: 18 November, 2022