Staff member poem

My sessions with You Matter

Precious moments in being with another in companiable silence,
pondering at the rich tapestry that is life.
Helping another to be seen, letting the sun peak into my darkened mind
Loudly speaking your distress and pain.
I will whisper hope as you find your life; yours and mine words spoken in tandem, bring joy and hope
Finding your feet, being like the earth, solid and always there
Whether you take small steps forward, looking at the remnants of the past or when you drop to your knees
like the sky opens new with every sunrise and speaks with rain, I’m offering my shoulder and letting you know it’s okay to cry.

Staff member short story

(names have been changed for confidentiality)

Eve, me and You Matter

Eve had been given the action to call Stuart during a meeting that she hadn’t even attended. Typical of this place she thought. Still, it made sense as she had worked whim Stuart longer than the others.

Eve had picked up the phone to call him a number of times since then. Each time she had lost her nerve knowing it would be a “difficult conversation” and that he might take offence. On the other hand, it had been unpleasant to see the unexplained changes in him. For some time it had been the subject of staffroom conversations with phrases such as “burnout”, “meltdown”, “losing the plot” and “nervous breakdown” being used.

Stuart himself was aware that something was different, not quite right. He’d lost interest and motivation, every decision seemed to take him forever and he was feeling increasingly overwhelmed. All of which resulted in working even longer hours. He’d become irritable and, despite regarding himself as resilient and able to cope with the stress of the job, he’d often found himself on the verge of tears.


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“I knew I needed help but wasn’t sure where to start….You Matter gave me the support and ‘put in the groundworks’ for my recovery journey that I plan to continue to progress on.”
Occupational Therapist, Mental Health Services
“With your help, I have really focused on myself and it’s helping me, looking after myself and being healthy and maintaining some form of fitness.”
Service user
“I have unburdened myself completely – thank you.”
Service user
“I was very grateful that you were so accommodating for my difficulties with finding confidential spaces for the calls. This remains a barrier for me to access any support. You were very patient and allowed me time to talk about what was on my mind, which was probably the most helpful thing that could be done. Knowing in advance when I should expect a call also helped, as I could check ahead of time to see if I would have an opportunity for a confidential conversation and reschedule if needed.”
Service user

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